Welcome to Master’s Martial Arts and Fitness where we specialize in teaching the art of self-defense along with unique classes designed to improve fitness and build healthy life skills.

We currently offer a Scripturally-based self-defense program called Kamido Aikido.  This martial art places primary emphasis on the physics and body mechanics (kinesiology) associated with self-defense skills, and then enhances those skills utilizing combined or “mixed” martial arts techniques from aikido, karate, judo & jujitsu.

Our “Hananim Way” Tae Kwon Do karate program is also Scripturally-based and not only specializes in hand and foot self-defense skills, but also puts special emphasis on how to effectively deal with bullying situations.

We also offer a “Character for Kids” program through which we partner with parents using an effective incentive system to develop positive character traits in their children not only in the training center, but also at home and at school.

Another program we offer is “PraiseMoves: the Christian Alternative to Yoga” which combines deep stretching, gentle movement, isometric exercise, Scripture and uplifting music to help achieve weight loss, stress relief, flexibility and strength.

Our “Senior Strength” class is specially designed for seniors but is very beneficial for anyone who is interesting in improving their energy, balance, overall strength and mobility. Participants work mainly from chairs using their own body weight and resistance bands to help strengthen core and lower body muscles.

Programs are offered for all ages from Junior (age 6+) to Senior (age 55+). The exercises and self-defense techniques in our programs help improve physical fitness, endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, timing, and psycho-somatic or mind-body coordination.

For more information come visit our facility at 4277 S Saginaw St., Burton, MI 48529 or call us at 810-410-6786.