How we Teach from a Christian Perspective

Article 009

In truly God-centered martial art systems, scripture, not tradition (Mat.15:3,8-9), provides the validation (Acts 17:11) for all aspects of the instruction. At Master’s Martial Arts, in an attempt to retain as much of the traditional oriental flavor as possible without compromising the Christian perspective, all aspects of the traditional approach are held up to the … Continued

One’s Conduct Reveals One’s Ethics

Article 008

Every individual, whether knowingly or unknowingly, adopts a personal code of ethics. One’s personal code of ethics is derived from the values they hold to be most important. Values are comprised of virtues and vices. Virtues are the positive components of which one’s personal code of ethics is comprised. Virtues are of the highest quality … Continued

Significance of the Kamido Aikido Insignia

Article 007

The Kamido Aikido insignia, a tree planted by a stream, is a symbol of godly character and derives its significance from scripture. … Psalm 1:        1 Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers. 2 … Continued

Why Shimobe and NOT Sensei, Master or Grand Master?

Article 006

In many martial arts systems, there are those who call themselves or are called by others, “Master”.  Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines the term “master” as being commonly used to refer to a male teacher, an artisan qualified to teach apprentices, a player of consummate skill, a great figure of the past whose work serves … Continued

Introducing the Kamido Aikido Instructor

Article 005

Dr. John t Barr, ThD. is Kamido Aikido’s instructor. Dr. Barr, aspiring to be worthy of the title of Shimobe, is the former Director and Chief Examiner the Budo Aikido Association, a former Christian College teacher, retired New York State tax investigator and author of three books (published 1977, 1985 & 2014). Shimobe has been … Continued

How we present The Way to Harmony with the Spirit

Article 004

The Way to Harmony with the Spirit is presented from two perspectives: From a physical perspective – For students having no profession of faith in spiritual matters – The Way to Harmony with the Spirit is introduced by emphasizing the teaching of the Master’s (God’s) laws governing physics, kinesiology and psychology as applied to confrontational and … Continued

What does “KAMIDO AIKIDO” mean?

Article 003

The word AIKIDO is comprised of three Japanese words, “AI” meaning harmony, “KI” meaning spirit and “DO” meaning the way. AIKIDO therefore means “harmony – spirit – way” or “the way to harmony with the spirit”. In oriental religious philosophy, “the way to harmony with the spirit”, generally implies seeking to be “one” with nature … Continued

What does Master’s Martial Arts teach?

Article 002

KAMIDO AIKIDO / SELF-DEFENSE (Kamido Aikido = Aikido x Karate x Judo x Jujitsu) In order to understand the principles taught in Kamido Aikido, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of the principles of which Aikido, Karate, Judo and Jujitsu are comprised. In Aikido, primary emphasis is placed on linear and circular movements … Continued

Why “Master’s Martial Arts and Fitness”?

Article 001

“Master’s” because all that we do in thought, word and deed must honor our Master (God) and His teachings (Col.3:17). “Martial Arts” because we emphasize the teachings of the Master’s laws governing physics, kinesiology and psychology as applied to confrontational and non-confrontational human interaction. Physics : a science that deals with matter and energy and their … Continued