In Memory of: Dr. John t Barr, ThD.

Dr. John T. Barr, ThD., was Director and Chief Exam­iner of the Kamido Aikido Association and went home to be with his Lord and Master on February 10, 2017. Dr. Barr had been involved in fighting arts, self-defense arts and combative sports since 1949. Certificates awarded included those in the arts of Budo Aikido, Kamido Aikido, Hapkido, Jujitsu and Judo. Positions held included Director and Chief Examiner of the Kamido Aikido Association, Director and Chief Examiner of the Budo Aikido Association, Chairman of the Illinois State YMCA’S Health and Physical Education Congress A.S.P. Committee, and Tournament Director of American Self-Protection.

He instructed in martial arts since 1959 and had conducted Police Training, Rape Prevention Classes, Specialized Women’s Self-protection Classes, Specialized Children’s Self-protection Classes, Adult Evening Education Courses, Park District Classes, YMCA Classes, College Classes and Television Courses.

The Kamido Aikido Association, the Budo Aikido Association, the numerous black belts and thousands of his students throughout the years would like to thank him for his dedication to teaching and his love for the martial arts.  May his legacy in martial arts and his love for and service to “the Master” live on.

Karen Barr

Karen Barr, BS, MS, ASN, CPI has been involved in the fields of health and medical science since 1970.  She is a brown belt in Kamido Aikido, a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor and serves as our office manager.

She enjoys teaching Kamido Aikido & PraiseMoves classes and encouraging people to be healthy and “well-rounded” in all the important aspects of their lives: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Jessie Foreman

Jessie Foreman

Jessie Foreman is a Tae Kwon Do third degree black belt. He started martial arts training in 1973 under the leadership of Master Sang Kyu Shim. He earned his first degree black belt in 1980; and thereafter earned his second and third degree black belts from Master Lee White.

Throughout his career he has taught many underprivileged children from the ages of five years old and up. As a public servant of martial arts, he taught for nearly 20 years at Christ Enrichment Center, Flint, MI. This faith-based non-profit organizations’ mission is to provide and promote educational growth and enrichment opportunities for all ages in the local community. In 2015 their martial arts program closed due to lack of funding.

Master’s Martial Arts has opened it’s doors to Jessie to enable him to continue to teach and serve in the field he loves.

Mary Down

Mary Down

Mary Down has taught and coached fitness and volleyball classes at Mott Community College and Atherton High School for many years. She, in fact, is an alumnus of Mott where she majored in Community Education. Her outstanding coaching skills led the Atherton High school girls to state championship in 1983. She additionally served as head coordinator of volleyball for the City of Flint for 25 years and was inducted into the Greater Flint hall of fame for her volleyball participation in 2015.

After suffering a stroke and undergoing a year of physical therapy, her experience gave her the desire to help others. Her “Senior Strength” class is geared to seniors, but anyone who wants to improve their energy, balance, overall strength and mobility will benefit from her gentle but determined instruction.