Character for Kids

Our focus for your child is not only on the physical aspects of self-defense, but on the aspect of character development.  Our exclusive Character for Kids program is part of this focus.

Martial Arts classes themselves build strong character by the way the classes emphasize good behavior, focus, and respect.  However, our Character for Kids program takes character training for your child much further, by having your child practice good character habits at home and in school.

The way that Character for Kids works is that your child will work to earn various colored character stripes for their belt at home.  When you feel they have earned their stripe, then you fill out a “Stripe sheet” to turn in at class.  We will then award them a character stripe at the end of class, and put it on their belt in front of the class.  After they have earned 6 character stripes, they receive their next colored character bar — a V-shaped iron-on bar for their uniform sleeve.  What your child has to do to earn their character bar depends on what bar they are working for.  Different character stripes are required for each bar.  For example, there are yellow respect stripes, orange self-discipline stripes, green courtesy stripes, blue determination stripes, etc.

The first character bar, the yellow bar, requires five “Respect” stripes and one “Parent’s Choice” stripe.  The “Parent’s Choice” stripe is your choice of what your child does to earn that stripe.  You can pick an area that you would like them to improve upon, or you can pick an area that they have been doing exceptionally well with, and reinforce it by signing for their “Parent’s Choice” stripe.  There is one “Parent’s Choice” stripe required for every character bar.

The Character for Kids program does take parental involvement.  You can help your child to keep track of their character sheets, and prompt them to do what they need to do to earn the stripes.  Each bar “packet” of stripe sheets will also contain a “Parent Sheet” to assist you in teaching and encouraging the character quality.

Downloadable Character Stripe Worksheets:

Parents Choice Stripe Worksheet

Yellow Character Stripe Worksheet

Orange Character Stripe Worksheet

Green Character Stripe Worksheet